Built for real churches

(by real pastors)

Easy enough for real churches.

We get it…

You've got more important things to do than spend hours on a website. That's why we designed a system built to be as easy as possible for churches like yours:

A site this week. (Powerful starting points.)

Our sites aren't just templates - they are powerful starting points with boilerplates for everything that a real church needs on a website. Stuff like a special page with info for visitors, a page about your pastor, a page with your beliefs, pages for your ministries and much more. These pages are already there and they look great - all you need to do is change the details. Everything should just work out of the box. Because who has time to set up a website?

So easy the pastor could do it. (Easy enough he shouldn't have to.)

We've spent decades building websites and we've tried just about every system out there. Most of them are confusing at best and downright scary at worst. We set out to make a system so easy and obvious, that any volunteer can figure it out. Testing it, we heard things like "this is so much easier than anything I've used before" and "that's pretty obvious." We think you’ll agree.

Hours of helpful video training. (That we hope you'll never need.)

If you can't figure out how to do something - there are videos explaining just about everything right on the home page of the dashboard. There are even videos explaining things like making sermon slides and recording sermon audio.

Features real churches want.

Everything you should want in a great church website.

Powerful Sermon Management

Build a sermon library with every feature you could ever want (like series and speaker pages, the ability to upload and organize notes and powerpoint slides, etc.)


Share your pastor or staff's unique perspective or updates about the life and ministry of your church.

A Genuinely Useful Calendar

This calendar system was built for churches. Display church-wide events and ministry meetings and create custom pages for each.

Unique Ministry Organizer

Easily manage the subgroups of your church with our unique ministry manager. Add a ministry and automatically create a page with it's own calendar and photo gallery.


Because your sites content is managed with airtable, any airtable content that you come up with (missionaries, library, etc.) can be easily integrated.

Manage From
Your Phone

Update sermons, add photos, proof blog posts and more with the computer you have in your pocket using the awesome Airtable app for iOS and Android.

Everything works together.

What really makes Sitesfor.Church shine is how all of this has been built to work together. If there is a way to save you work - we've tried to think about it and build it into our system.

Help is just a click away.

Need help? Something not working? You'll have your own site rep you can contact any time.

Priced for real churches.

Powerfully affordable.

$30 a month. (No setup fees, no hidden costs.)

Most churches in America have less than 200 members and financial pressures. They can't afford to make a car payment to a website company every week. Google our competitors. $1500 a year for a church website is just not reasonable for most churches.

Sitesfor.Church costs $30 a month with a one year commitment. No setup fees. No tricks. Our small church spends nearly that much on coffee.

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